About CollegeObjective

CollegeObjective is a network of current students at top US colleges that provide one-on-one college admissions consulting to high school students. Having just completed the college admissions process and achieved success, our consultants are in an ideal position to relate their personal experiences and offer unbiased inside information to prospective students. For this reason, each CollegeObjective consultant offers something different to the students they consult. The most common services our consultants provide include:

  • Early advising on high school class selection and extracurriculars

  • College strategy and preparation for high school juniors and seniors

  • Creating a personalized college list based on real and shared experiences

  • Essay guidance, inspiration, editing and proofreading

  • Scholarship and athlete recruitment advising

  • Insight into the student life and student experience at their university

Top Student Insights

CollegeObjective recruits consultants from the best colleges in the world and their insights will help you attend your dream school no matter what it is!

Unbiased Information

CollegeObjective is not affiliated with any university, so you can always trust our consultants to provide their unbiased viewpoints.


All of our consultants set their own prices, so you can always find one within your price range. The average cost on CollegeObjective is $30 per half hour video consultation.


Connect with top college students around the world without having to visit the campus. Book appointments for any time that fits your schedule.

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