Our Story

CollegeObjective was created by Stanford students to be the resource that we wish we had in high school. Going through our college application process, it became evident that traditional college counselors are unaware of the true student experience at most universities. As current students, we understand what it's actually like to be a student at Stanford University and what it takes to get to this point. We realized how valuable our personal experiences could be in guiding students currently going through the college process. CollegeObjective is quickly becoming a diverse network of college students at top universities across the United States. Each consultant can provide prospective students and parents with unbiased insight, application guidance and inside information into the student life at their respective school. You can connect with any of our consultants for a one-on-one video consultation, giving them the personalized guidance that you need before embarking on this life changing journey. 


Our Consultants

We love our consultants. The consultants on CollegeObjective are each carefully reviewed and selected, and they represent some of the most intelligent, personable and giving individuals. Our consultants set their own schedule and pricing, giving them the autonomy to earn a valuable income on their own terms. Our student-consultants represent a variety of majors and diverse backgrounds; they are minorities, athletes, scholarship recipients, club members, activists and so much more. Each consultant on CollegeObjective brings their unique college journey, allowing you to find fresh perspectives and a consultant they can relate to. Our consultants will not only help you get into college, but also help you find the college that fits you best. 

The problem with Other College Consultant Services


Many traditional college counselors have experience that is decades out of date.


Most college counselors have no idea what it's like to attend your dream school or what the admissions officers are looking for in an applicant.

Lack Insight

College counselors rely on statistics to weigh the pros and cons of different schools, and have no insight into the student life at most schools.


On average, public guidance counselors are responsible for 491 students each, and they only spend 38 minutes with each student throughout high school.

The CollegeObjective Solution

Current Students

Our consultants are all current students at the best schools in the world.

Inside Information

Our consultants know every step of the college process through their personal experiences and relationships with the admissions officers.

Real Experiences

Our consultants have just achieved success in the college process and are currently immersed in the student experience at their school.


Our diverse network of college consultants are all available for one-on-one video calls and provide personalized guidance based on shared experiences and goals.

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